Do I need any previous training to do this?

Not at all! Prior experience is not required, in fact we encourage beginners to try it out and get comfortable with the form at their own pace. Our instructors are warm and create a comfortable workout/ dance environment. Aerial classes are a great way to build strength and flexibility and its okay to start from scratch.

What should I wear?

For an aerial class we recommend wearing a pair of fitted tights, sleeved t-shirt that can be tucked in and a sports bra. Track pants and a t-shirt for men.

For a pole dance class we recommend wearing a pair of comfortable tracks or tights and carry a pair of shorts that expose the knees, a crop top or tank top and a sports bra. This class is only for women so please feel free to flaunt your outfits!

For any of our classes please do not wear any jewellery or accessories and please avoid using moisturiser on your body for a pole session.

What is the age limit?

Adult classes are from 14-150 years of age. 

Kids classes have different slots that you can see in our courses (hyperlink to course page). 

There is no age, height or weight limit to any of our classes.

I want to get really good, how often do I need to come?

Every person is at a different pace so it varies. Your instructor can help you fix the number of sessions according to your preference. If you would like to perform, again the instructor will be able to guide you well.

What are the benefits of practicing aerial and pole?

The benefits of practicing aerial and pole are many and multi-dimensional. Each class is structured in a way for you to access this (hyperlink page with benefits of aerial). 

I have a few more questions how can I contact you?

Feel free to write to us at or visit our contact page for further queries

I want to try aerial but I am afraid of heights, how will this work?

Safety is our priority so you can be rest assured that you will be safe! Our instructors are encouraging and will walk you through the class. The equipment used is from certified brands ensuring safety.

Should I come to class during my period?

In our opinion it is absolutely fine to practice during periods, in fact it helps relieve pain and regulate periods leaving a woman with a positive feeling.

Can I do this if I suffer from any ailments?

If you are pregnant or suffer from the following ailments please inform us:

  • Common cold, glaucoma, heart diseases, back injuries, vertigo, epilepsy, low or high blood pressure

Send us an email with the details of your ailment and we can give you a clearer idea if aerial or pole is for you.  

Are these classes meant for both men and women?

Yes, Aerial can be practiced by both men and women

Was Something Left Unanswered?

Being one of the only fitness agencies dealing with aerial, it isn’t uncommon for folks to reach out to us and learn more. If you feel like you have more queries, try contacting us and we would be happy to quell them.